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The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists is a progressive spiritual community that stands proudly as a beacon for social justice. Join us for Worship services Sundays at 10:30 a.m. or find out more in upcoming BFUU events, calendar, and monthly newsletter.

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This page will provide you with information about the Social Justice Discernment Process. Please check back as content will be updated.

Congregational Discernment and Engagement Program

We, the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, declare our support for the historic gathering of the tribes, led by the Standing Rock Sioux, to protect the sacred earth and water from the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). We thank the First Nations for courageously defending the interdependent web of existence, of which we are all a part. We call on all people to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux. To donate and for more information, please visit

Holly Harwood
Former Chair, BFUU Social Justice Committee
BFUU Poet Laureate 2016-17

Passed by consent on Tuesday January 19, 2016 at the CSAI Accountability Forum 2, held at Fellowship Hall, to be presented to the Berkeley City Council at their meeting on Tuesday Jan. 26, 2016.

Resolution for Police Reform

WHEREAS, Unitarian Universalist congregations covenant by our Principles to honor the inherent worth and dignity of all persons, to affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations, to uphold the use of democratic process, the goal of peace, justice, and world community, and respect for the interdependent web of existence; and

WHEREAS we the citizens of the City of Berkeley in order to attain an educated, responsible, accountable, and non-militarized Police Department, acknowledge the need for Community Policing, and hereby present this Resolution to the Berkeley City Council;

* That the City of Berkeley give preference to hiring Berkeley residents for our Police Department.

* All recruits, prior to entering the Police Academy, be tested for [working] knowledge of the rights of citizens and residents enshrined/acknowledged in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

* That all recruits undergo and pass an independent psychological evaluation regarding previous emotional history, especially in regard to violent military experiences, including PTSD trauma, as well as, bigotry and or bullying tendencies. The test should be done on an initial and periodic basis.

* Mental health counseling by independent professionals should be available and required for officers who display antisocial uncivilized behavior towards residents.
[oversight of this process by the Police Review and Peace and Justice Commissions]

* That all recruits be trained in and acknowledge the requirement to respect the rights of all persons, with special attention to persons of color, the poor, the homeless, the LGBTQ community, and those with mental health and other disability issues. Said training must include detailed instruction in all methods of de-escalation and crisis intervention.

* The Academy and the Department train all recruits and officers to use their words to de-escalate the situation before taking their gun out of their holster.

* That the BPD not accept any transfers from other Police Departments who have a history of violence, bullying or bigotry.

* There is absolutely no need for the purchase or acquisition of military weapons or equipment or military-type surveillance in Community Policing.

* The Police Department must re-evaluate its philosophy that orders all officers to “shoot to kill”.

* That the Police Department acquire and consistently use body cameras that stream continuously.

* That the Police Review Commission be given the authority to terminate officers for violation of Police Department procedures.

* The Police Department ban the indiscriminate use of tear gas, sound cannons, or other dangerous “crowd control” devices.

* The BPD have and maintain total control when utilizing outside Police units.


Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists


Congregational Study Action Issue/UUA –Escalating inequality.  Jan 19, 2016

Berkeley Fellowship Monthly Open Mic


The BFUU Monthly Open Mic (BF MOM) was founded by legendary Berkeley singer-songwriter Country Joe McDonald, who used to run the show himself. Now, volunteers who love folk music, poetry, humor, and progressive politics run the show. You can participate and help! Here’s how it works:

Quarterly Meeting

The BF MOM Coordinating Team meets once every three months. It’s a simple, common sense, all-volunteer operation. Some of our decisions are made by phone and email.

Show Schedule

BF MOM shows are always on the second Friday every month. Doors open at 6pm. Performer sign up time is 6:30 pm. We have a first-come first-choice policy. Performers can pick any one of the 20 available 10-minute spots on the sign-up sheet. We especially appreciate performers who come to hear everyone else who signs up to perform.


BF MOM Audiences Come to Listen!

Our audience is very attentive. We are always looking for good commentary and song craftsmanship. We are especially interested in original songs. We ask those who want to talk to go to the back of the room or outside. We have a suggested donation of $5-$20 for everyone, including performers. People with little money are encouraged to volunteer some labor in lieu of donation. “No one ever turned away for lack of funds” is our policy. Sound engineering labor is donated by David Yandle.

BF Monthly Open Mic Hosts

We have a group of rotating hosts who MC the shows. Our Host kicks off the evening with a warm welcome and reads the entire list of performers in the order of their sign-up. Our host tells the audience that the BFMOM is a project of the BFUU Social Justice Committee (SJC), and between acts the host will announce upcoming events by the SJC and its community partners. Our hosts encourage people to take community calendars and flyers for the next month’s open mic to post and hand out. The host explains that each performer gets 10 minutes to do one or two songs. The host says a little about the Featured Artist for the evening, and gives a mention to the Featured Artist for the next month. The host sings two songs to set the pattern for the evening.

Featured Artists

Our hosts are also talent scouts in that they get to pick a “Featured Artist” for the evening. The Featured Artist gets to do a 20-25 minute set that begins around 8 or 8:30 pm depending on what that Artist and the Host agree to do that evening. The Featured Artist is contacted by the host about two months in advance so that publicity can be done for that event and for that particular Artist. The Artist is asked to provide a photo or two, a short descriptive blurb about their music, and if they have one, to give us a web site address to use in our publicity. The Artist and our next BF MOM event should be publicized at least one month in advance. We try to have the flyers for the next open mic ready for distribution at the current one happening. We invite the audience and the BF MOM Team Members to take flyers to post or hand out in the community.

Getting Involved in this Progressive Music Community with the Social Justice Committee

Every BF MOM event is different, unique, and fun! Each one has a charm and character of its own! If you love your BF MOM, then give it your support by inviting others, posting some flyers, forwarding email posts or by becoming a Team Member. If you are a performer, then bring your talent, friends, and fans to one of our shows and play to an attentive and encouraging crowd. If you want to make new friends who support topical songwriters and progressive roots folk music, mark the next BFUU MOM on your calendar. You are welcome to be part of our circle of friends, and you may want to help us keep this valuable all-volunteer community-building project going strong! Every 2nd Friday in Historic Fellowship Hall – 1924 Cedar St. Berkeley CA


revised March 2016

Social Justice

The Berkeley Fellowship has a long-standing commitment to Social Justice. Through our Social Justice Committee and individual members, we are involved in diverse educational and activist campaigns. These include promoting inclusion and diversity, international solidarity, environmental stewardship, ending corporate rule, fair labor practices, homeless people's rights and dignity, repealing the death penalty, stopping modern-day slavery and human trafficking, and promoting peace, democracy, and human rights in the US and abroad.

BFUU has twice received the “Moral Beacon” Award from the Pacific Central District of the Unitarian Universalist Association, for its “extraordinary courage and commitment in the work of creating a better world.”

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee sponsors events and forums on many issues of the day, including the “Conscientious Projector” film and discussion series.

We partner with local social justice groups to host a wide variety of events. Check out upcoming events to find out what's coming up soon.

Read about our SJC Partnering Policy

If you represent a non-profit Social Justice group wanting to partner with the BFUU SJC for an event, please read through and complete these three forms:

1. Contract between the BFUU SJC and Event Partner

2. Event Information Intake Form

3. Form for the Event Plan for Sound-Tech People

Note that the we request submission of completed forms at least three weeks prior to event.You can choose which plan is right for you.

The SJC normally meets on the third Sundays at 12:30 pm in Fellowship Hall – 1924 Cedar Street. Meetings are open to the public; all are welcome! 








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BFUU's Social Justice Committee is involved in
diverse educational
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