BFUU Sunday Services 10:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

1924 Cedar Street

(at the corner of Cedar St. and Bonita Ave.)

wheelchair30x30TLoop no text50 Fellowship Hall is accessible by a ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the Hall. We are working through some technical issues with our T-Loop system. Thank you for your patience as this is a work in progress. Please stay tuned for updates.

November 18: Ingathering
Rev. Marsh Agobert, Worship Leader
You may be thinking that it is customary for the celebration of “Ingathering” to take place at the very onset of the church year; and you are right. In the traditional sense it is the welcoming back for those of Us who have been scattered far and wide on our summery odysseys. We bring a little something from the far quarters of our sojourns to share with the community and rejoice in familiar faces.
Yet, there is more to the meaning of this tradition; more that calls us to plumb its core values and calls us to celebrate who we are now. They call us together to celebrate and give thanks for the person sitting next to us, for the ones your eyes seek when you enter the ‘Hall of Fellowship.’ There are those who are our landmarks as well as those we are getting to know. Some we agree with and some we don’t always. We who are gathered Here, are sometimes huddled, during these “Interesting Times.”
Today, let us love these closest neighbors as if they are divine.
November 25: An Attitude of Gratitude
Jeff Palmer, Lay Leader
Why is gratitude recommended by all the great religions  around the world? Most agree that it is a powerful expression of love which can bring miracles into your life. Among the benefits of practicing gratitude are increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction, improved health and stronger relationships.
In this lay-led service, you will learn how other members of the Fellowship increase their sense of well being by living with an attitude of gratitude.