BFUU Sunday Services 10:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

1924 Cedar Street

(at the corner of Cedar St. and Bonita Ave. - ramp on Bonita Ave.)

August 20: Going Through Phases
Rev. Elena Rose Vera, Guest Worship Leader
Sometimes even the most orderly, predictable phenomena of our lives can surprise us. Sometimes it’s dark during the day, the tiny wins out over the vast, and everything we know is pulled from the course we expected. In honor of August 21st's total solar eclipse, let us gather once again to celebrate the improbable.
August 27: Good Dog, Bad Dog, Which Shall I Feed?
Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles, Worship Leader
Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles considers the question of the nature of evil, how we experience it within ourselves and outside of ourselves, and how we may feed one side or the other by the acts of our lives.