BFUU Sunday Services 10:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

1924 Cedar Street

(at the corner of Cedar St. and Bonita Ave.)

wheelchair30x30TLoop no text50 Fellowship Hall is accessible by a ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the Hall. We are working through some technical issues with our T-Loop system. Thank you for your patience as this is a work in progress. Please stay tuned for updates.

April 22: Earth Day 2018 and Bike East Bay

Dave Campbell, Advocacy Director of Bike East Bay, Guest Worship Leader
Earth Day 2018 is April 22! Dave Campbell will tell us about efforts to increase access to safe biking and bikeways, and how biking could dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, improve health, support local businesses, and increase traffic safety. Whether you’re a cyclist, cyclist at heart, and even a driver, you’ll learn about programs to protect our planet and promote equal rights to a healthy environment.

Dave Campbell coordinates the advocacy and policy work of Bike East Bay in 33 cities/towns/jurisdictions in the East Bay. This involves advocating for bike lanes on city streets and better bike access on transit, to encourage more people to try bicycling for some of their trips. In the past ten years, bicycling has increased 75% in the East Bay. Dave started Bike East Bay’s bike education program in 2002 and previously coordinated Bike to Work Day in the East Bay for 7 years. From 2000-2009, Dave served as the Chair of the Bike East Bay Board of Directors, and served as Vice-Chair from 1998-2000. Contact Dave by emailing Dave (at) BikeEastBay (dot) org.

April 29: Addiction: A Path to Recovery for the Whole USA
Rev. Tom McAninley, Guest Worship Leader
Rev. Tom will debunk the major, and still pervasive, myths about addiction. Then drawing on the work of Dr. Gabor Maté, and Rev. Tom’s personal and professional experience, he will address a humane analysis and plan for systemic remedy for both individuals and our addictive society.

Rev. Tom, a graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry, was ordained at BFUU in the fall and serves as its newest Community Minister.
Rev. Tom has been affected by addiction his whole life. He has worked with substance abuse and addiction in various settings, a dual-diagnosis hospital, a methadone center, and out-patient settings.