BFUU Sunday Services 10:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

1924 Cedar Street

(at the corner of Cedar St. and Bonita Ave.)

wheelchair30x30TLoop no text50 Fellowship Hall is accessible by a ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the Hall, and has a T-Loop system to enhance audio for those with hearing aids.


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February 25: Science for All  National Science Day is Feb. 28
Joanna Foley, Lay Worship Leader
When the movie “Hidden Figures” came out, many viewers were amazed  that the contributions of female African American mathematicians and engineers had been so vital to the American space program. “Hidden Figures” highlights the individual contributions of the three central women but also their strong support of each other and other African American workers at NASA. In a month when BFUU explores the meaning of covenant, this movie shows an implicit covenant in action. May their example join with all who are Celebrating Black History and Building Black Futures.

March 2018

March 4: March Forth for International Women’s Day
Rev. Elena Rose Vera, Worship Leader
As we move into a special week that begins with International Women’s Day and ends with Harriet Tubman Day, join Rev. Elena Vera in remembering some of the many heroes who have helped their communities run toward freedom. Inspired by the hardworking leaders who helped liberate many of our own ancestors, we too can be builders and beacons for those around us--and for our descendants yet to come. What can we learn from their achievements? What can we achieve together today? How can we join in their legacy and shape tomorrow?

March 11: The Power of Presence
John Hankey, Guest Worship Leader
There is a way to activate mindful, present moment awareness.
It’s simple and profound. Once you truly understand how to “be present,” your life will never be the same.

John Hankey is a mindfulness-based performance coach for academic students and adults with stress and anxiety. He draws principles from meditation, yoga, hypnosis, Buddhism, Daoism and neuro-linguistic programming to help people unleash their full potential.

March 18: Faith for UUs
Rev. Marsh Agobert, Worship Leader
Some of us speak of ourselves as being ‘of the Unitarian or Universalist (btw - do you know the difference?) faith.’ Though, since we are a non-credal religion, what can this possibly mean? For that matter, what does “Faith” ever really mean or have to do with us?
We can talk about this... and not just talk about it but find a clear and personal path to access faith... even for the atheist.

March 25: Another Train
Amanda Weatherspoon, MDiv, Worship Leader
The impulse to control life’s circumstances is possibly one of humanity’s greatest growing edges. However, there is a overwhelming reality to consider in regards to livelihood, relationships, basic needs, and the like. How do we persevere in the face of great uncertainty - in our day-to-day lives, and in the big picture? How can we “Let Go and Let God” in the face of disappointment and uncertainty?