The Fellowship Hall (1924 Cedar St) is accessible by a ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the Hall. The Preschool Room is only reservable by BFUU groups and is accessible on the ground level of our Religious Education Building (1606 Bonita Ave). At this time the Connie Barbour, Fireside and Benjy Rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

BFUU Rooms:  BR = Benjy Room, CB = Connie Barbour Room, FH = Fellowship Hall, FR = Fireside Room, MO = Minister’s Office, PR = Preschool Room, Zoom1 = BFUU Zoom (onlline), Zoom2 = Worship Services/Music Zoom (online)

BFUU spaces are generally available for one-time events for the community, and may be available for recurring use by non-profit organizations. The calendar is updated regularly, but may show use that has changed or not show recently scheduled use. Please keep this in mind.

Sunday Worship Services are in-person at BFUU Fellowship Hall and also on Zoom. This schedule may change, so please see for current details.