The Berkeley Fellowship has a long-standing commitment to Social Justice. Through our Social Justice Committee and individual members, we are involved in diverse educational and activist campaigns. These include promoting inclusion and diversity, international solidarity, environmental stewardship, ending corporate rule, fair labor practices, homeless people’s rights and dignity, repealing the death penalty, stopping modern-day slavery and human trafficking, and promoting peace, democracy, and human rights in the US and abroad.

BFUU has twice received the “Moral Beacon” Award from the Pacific Central District of the Unitarian Universalist Association, for its “extraordinary courage and commitment in the work of creating a better world.” The Social Justice Committee sponsors events and forums on many issues of the day, including the “Conscientious Projector” film and discussion series. We partner with local social justice groups to host a wide variety of events. Check out upcoming events to find out what’s coming up soon. 

If you represent a non-profit Social Justice group wanting to partner with the BFUU SJC for an event, please read through and complete these three forms: 1. Contract between the BFUU SJC and Event Partner 2. Event Information Intake Form 3. Form for the Event Plan for Sound-Tech People Note that the we request submission of completed forms at least three weeks prior to event. You can choose which plan is right for you. The SJC normally meets on the third Sundays at 12:30 pm in Fellowship Hall – 1924 Cedar Street. Meetings are open to the public; all are welcome!