Collective Action Towards Social Change

Octavia E. Butler’s book, “Parable of the Sower,” posits that God is Change and believers can “shape God” by intentionally working together to leverage the change around them. Amanda Gorman’s spoken word poem, “The Hill We Climb,” calls for collaboration, togetherness, and unity among this nation’s populace. It envisions possibilities for the future. Collective action is key to social change.

Rev. Jojo V. Gabuya is a non-binary and transgender interfaith minister, diversity and inclusion leader, and an eco-spiritual person. They is practicing the Dao philosophy and Veganism to create a healthy, safe, secure, and a sustainable world for ALL. Rev. Jojo is an embodied engagement leader and soul care provider, especially to those who are searching for acceptance, compassion, connection, meaning, and purpose in life.