Faith/Spirituality and Health

What is the relationship between faith and health? How can this relationship benefit us? Affirming the connection between faith/spirituality and health is central to our well-being as humans who are also spiritual beings. Let us share one another’s practices and/or stories on how we leverage our health (physical, mental, emotional) to strengthen our faith/spirituality.

Reverend Jojo V. Gabuya (they/them) is a Filipinx non-binary/transgender interfaith minister, Blessed Tomorrow Ambassador, and a diversity and inclusion leader. They are practicing the Dao philosophy and Veganism to create a healthier, safer, and more stable world for ALL. Rev. Jojo is currently training as an InterPlay Leader: Unlocking Body Wisdom. They are also participating in the Empowering Faith Leaders Program, which addresses Addiction and the Overdose Crisis.