Green Service for Earth Day

Cate Calson is a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corp. educating people about the scientific truths around climate change and how we can be a part of the solution. She has graciously offered to provide an update and some insights of the climate’s health and how our assistance is needed more now than ever to help with the climate crisis. She says, “It starts with love.”

Cate’s childhood was on a farm in Oregon surrounded by endless natural beauty and evidence of the indigenous people who lived on the land before her. With her BA in Communication Design/Illustration, she committed her career to uplifting small businesses and nonprofits, primarily in the humanitarian and sustainability sectors. She joined the Red Cross as a volunteer and then as an employee in the Marketing Communication Dept. for NCCR. When Cate isn’t working, she volunteers, travels, gardens organically, photographs, and lives a life of conscious conservation, using her bike as transportation, and shopping at farmers’ markets.

Myroslava Fisun is a climate advocate currently studying Society and Environment at UC Berkeley. Growing up in the Bay Area, she began to notice the effects of global warming all around her and knew she had to take action. She joined environmental organizations but noticed the lack of youth-centered spaces. Following this, she began to be the voice for youth and focuses on youth representation within her current environmental work.

Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps is the creation of former Vice President Al Gore and world-renowned scientists and communicator. His vision is to build a force of nature through community building, coming together to help reverse the damages of our untended garden, our home, Earth. Many of our members attended training to learn about the climate crisis and how we can solve it together. Many others are concerned community members committed to climate action. And all are here to make a difference in the Bay Area. We come from all age groups and professions – teachers, students, doctors, business professionals, non-profit leaders, artists, authors, and even scientists – with a common purpose: to solve the climate crisis. We welcome everyone who wants to fight for a better planet.