Reviving Eden

There is no denying that our Earth is dying. The story of Easter can be one of resurrecting our spirits, our lives, and our garden/planet. By reclaiming our true role as partners in creation, we CAN restore Paradise before it is forever lost. The service will also observe the International Transgender Day of Visibility and feature special music, stories and ritual for this special day.

Rev. Ben Meyers (he/him) The Rev. Ben Meyers loves living near Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. His ministry spans 28 years: half of that time as a parish minister and half as a social justice/community minister. He is the proud father of two sons and loves spending as much time as possible with his two-year old grandson. His passion is working with individuals and faith-based communities throughout the country as a Solar and Clean Energy consultant. His mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy as a moral and spiritual imperative. As a proud parent of a transgender child, he is also a vocal ally and avid advocate for LGTBQ+ rights.

Sermon starts at 32:45