Reparations in the Beloved Community

Rev. Ben Meyers (he/him)

Reparations is not simply material payback in the form of restitution for harm done. It actually points to a deeper, spiritual imperative. Join me in exploring this deeper imperative as we commemorate Black History Month and the UUA’s ‘Siding With Love’ activities. 

Rev. Ben Meyers (he/him) is a resident of Oakland, and serves as a Hospice Chaplain and Spiritual Care Provider for Bridge Home Hospice patients and their families in Alameda County. His ministry spans 28 years: half of that time as a parish minister and half as a social justice/community minister. He is the proud father of two sons and loves spending as much time as possible with his two-year old grandson. His passion is working with faith-based communities throughout the country to accelerate the adoption of clean energy–especially solar–as a moral imperative.